Our products are made for all occasions and for all to enjoy, but can have an opposite effect, if consumers consume irresponsibly. As a Company, we have the responsibility to ensure we market our products with care for the consumer, act in a manner we seek from our consumers and ask that our consumers handle our products with care for themselves and others.

We, as a Company encourage our partners, affiliates and any other Organizations/Businesses using our products, to encourage responsible consumption and discourage any misuse.

One of our educational partners, Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CADA)  is a Bermudian organization  which has a mandate to encourage responsible alcohol behaviour. Their goals are to …

  • Reduce the incidence of drinking and driving
  • Reduce the incidence of underage drinking
  • Increase the life skills capacity of Bermuda's youth
  • Increase the community's awareness of responsible alcohol behaviour
  • Successfully lobby for a new alcohol authority in Bermuda to oversee selling, serving and advertising of alcohol and to provide training for licensed establishments
  • Successfully lobby for changes to Bermuda's Liquor License Act and Road Traffic Act

Please visit CADA for more information.

We look forward to serving you responsibly!

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